Break LIVE 2022 Lecture Package
Break LIVE 2022 Lecture Package
Break LIVE 2022 Lecture Package

Break LIVE 2022 Lecture Package

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The Other Side is an 8-lecture collection that teaches how to discern when a system is in place, what incident or chaotic experience triggered the system to be created and what you can do to move forward and create new systems with intention rather than a reflex of trauma. These are all recordings from our LIVE annual event. The purpose of our live events is to explore macro-level applications of Break Method. Keep in mind - if this is your first experience with Break Method - this is NOT emotional repatterning. This is a deep dive into our current collective trauma and what we can do to move forward in a productive manner. This is NOT a substitute for taking The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery. Make sure to make this a priority the next semester. It'll change your life. 


The lecture series includes: 

  1. The Other Side: Where Do We Go From Here with Bizzie Gold [2hr]
  2. New Systems: How to Create By Choice Not Trauma with Bizzie Gold [1hr 25 min]
  3. You Can't Fail When You're On Purpose with Matt Gottesman [1hr 6 min]
  4. Ooops: Parenting Fails You Didn't Know You Were Making with Bizzie Gold [1hr 31 min]
  5. Paging Dr. Eli with Dr. Rashiah Elam [ 55 min]
  6. Death: Sneaky Ways Death Informs Decision-Making + Behavior with Bizzie Gold [55 min]
  7. Stop the Scroll: Consumption Addiction + Source Belief Patterns with Bizzie Gold [47 min]
  8. Threshold [ a Sunday Service ] with Bizzie Gold [50 min]


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