Certified Behavior Coach Program
Certified Behavior Coach Program
Certified Behavior Coach Program
Certified Behavior Coach Program
Certified Behavior Coach Program

Certified Behavior Coach Program

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Break Method is an innovative systems approach to rapid emotional rewiring. We believe, if given the opportunity, the brain can and will deceive the client throughout the process of attempted healing. Emotional Repatterning with Break Method is built to bypass the brain’s inherent protective reflexes to uncover the pattern that operates beneath the surface - driving chaotic behavior and cycles on autopilot. Our approach is not soft, enabling or codependency-inducing. We train you to hold firm to the process, timeline and systematic assessments to get your client’s sustainable results that create a generational ripple in the world.


The Break Method® Certified Behavior Coach  Program teaches coaches and aspiring coaches how to harness the potent framework of The Self-Study to help clients generate rapid and repeatable results. This framework brings Break Method tools to life with daily micro-lessons, fieldwork exercises and data-extraction tools that you can use to put your coaching skills to work. This journey has helped over 25,000 students move from awareness to action worldwide.


IMAGINE... Your heart for healing, empowering and leading groups + the powerful framework of The Self-Study.

Since the inception of Break Method in 2014, we've had people from all backgrounds ask how they get certified to use or teach our methodology. For the first time, we've finally created two intentional pathways for this work. For those who are not credentialed in the medical, therapeutic, social work or addiction space, we created Certified Behavior Coach Program. If you are a professional in any of the previously mentioned sectors or wanting to dig deeper in the diagnostic processes, you can also check out our Practitioner Certification by clicking HERE. 


What Populations Does Break Method Serve?

Emotional Repatterning with Break Method can be utilized for individuals, couples, teen and family systems. The Self-Study format, of Break Method, is ideal for fitness, wellness, life coaching and other influencer-based platforms.  Break Method is currently taught at the leading residential therapeutic boarding school for teen girls in the United States and integrated into the literature of SIRA, Self-Injury Recovery Anonymous. Our programming has been taught and integrated in the criminal justice system, veterans support groups, Fortune 100 and 500 companies and online for people across the globe.


How is Break Method Different From Traditional Mental Health Approaches?


THE SELF-STUDY                                         MARKET STANDARD

It’s their life - on repeat. 

They want to change. They’ve tried to change. But now the person in your fitness or coaching group may not believe it’s possible. They've quit on themselves so many times, they've lost all faith in their follow through. The Self-Study address each area of their life in an intentional sequence so that you, The Guide, are equipped with the tools and information to help them outsmart their self-sabotage cycles and overcome self-deception. Our approach teaches you to provide an intentional blend of education, group support and community engagement in a set sequence, with distinct and measurable goals and sustainable tools that will help YOU do your job. 

Students share their powerful testimonies with Break Method 👇🏾

In this 14 hour CEU course, you will learn how to:


  • Guide groups of up to 100 through an effective Self-Study Journey
  • Teach a series of 4 workshops / webinars, complete with slides and content, to support your group success
  • Support and expand on each of the 30 day prompts to be rightfully seated in the EXPERT position
  • Understand the connection between the daily prompts and how to support the group in seeing the holistic perspective
  • How to help certain pattern types overcome obstacles and meet goals with razor sharp accuracy
  • Market your practice and generate additional revenue streams 
  • How to access our affiliate team platform if you'd like to be listed on our network of Self-Study Guides
*This activity can be submitted for CEU credits to a variety of accreditation bodies. Please inquire with: admin@breakmethod.com to verify the process

We are here to transform your business and influencer platform with: 

✔️ Efficient Process for Students to Navigate Content as a Group 

✔️ Set Timeline & Student Expectations     

✔️ Sustainable Results That Restore Generations

✔️ Clear Goals & Role Differentiation for Student and Guide

✔️ Business Building Support & Online Tools 


This online certification course includes:

  • 14 CEU hours of online training via Zoom
  • Full online course portal for home study portion( lectures, downloadable content, support )

  • 2 1:1 Sessions with Bizzie Gold, Program Founder

  • 1 Webinar Mock Teaching Critique

  • 1 Cumulative Assessment

Payment Options

Pay In Full Tuition: $999

Pay with Affirm: Affirm offers payment plans with as little as 0% APR to those who qualify. You can apply on the checkout page. 




What credentials do I need to register for certification?

Certification is open to all with a heart for health, wellness, coaching and uplifting communities in need. This certification is ideal for influencers or coaches in the fitness, nutrition, life coaching, entrepreneurship, spiritual or parenting arenas. It is a unique complement to many business models to enhance program adherence, boost marketability and be eligible for the Break Method affiliate model.


What if I'm not very tech savvy?

We have a support team on board to help you. With your certification registration, you get access to our administrator for tech support and questions and a guidance counselor to help you with anything from site navigation to breaking through self-sabotage and scheduling roadblocks.

Will I be tested to graduate?

The last assessment is cumulative. Passing the test with a 90% or above is required for certification. Your mock-webinar will also be reviewed for feedback. If you do not pass the assessment test, you will be able to retake up to 5 times to pass. 

Who is covered by the Course Fee?

The course fee covers all online instruction, 1:1 sessions on Zoom, assessments and the first year of your license fee. 

 Will I need to sign a license agreement to become a Break Method certified practitioner?

Yes. Our license agreement will be sent out within 2 weeks of first training for you to have ample time to review. You are able to cancel your agreement at any time. However, when you terminate your agreement with Break Method, you will no longer be able to utilize the tools, sequence, marketing materials, name or likeness or online marketing portal. At any time in the future, should you choose to reactivate, a predetermined amount will be due to reactivate your license.

Are there license fees associated with becoming a Break Method practitioner?

Yes. The annual fee is $150, waived the first year. This will be due and payable on your 1 year anniversary of graduation. You can opt out or cancel at any time. Once you have opted out, however, you will no longer be able to carry the certification title, access course materials or lead group workshops.



Tuition deposits are non-refundable but may be transferred to another party or service within the Break Method companies. Future payments are not auto-debited unless you sign-up with ShopPay app to create a payment plan for your tuition. 

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