Get Certified

IMAGINE... Your heart for healing, empowering and leading groups + the powerful framework of Break Method. 

Since the inception of Break Method in 2014, we've had people from all backgrounds ask how they get certified to use or teach our methodology. For the first time, we've finally created two intentional pathways for this work.

For those who are not credentialed in the medical, therapeutic, social work or addiction space, such as Life Coaches and Wellness Guides, we created The Self-Study Guide Certification. Once certified, you will lead groups of up to 100 people through the 30 day Self-Study workbook. The Self-Study is a potent 30 day workbook journey built to bring Break Method tools to life with daily lessons, practical frameworks and fieldwork exercises that you as a certified facilitator will help guide participants through.

Using The Self-Study, you will be able to create a new program in your coaching business that will help others move through their emotional addictions and give your clients lasting RESULTS.  Learn more by clicking HERE

When a client doesn’t understand the timeline, process or container for their goals – they can burn out, become distracted or let their protective mechanisms trick them into evading the work. Break Method provides an intentional blend of education, support and therapy in a set sequence, with distinct and measurable goals and sustainable tools that will help YOU do your job better than you ever have before.

If you are a licensed professional in the medical, therapeutic, social work or addiction fields, you can check out our Practitioner Certification by clicking HERE