Brain Pattern Assessment
Brain Pattern Assessment
Brain Pattern Assessment
Brain Pattern Assessment
Brain Pattern Assessment

Brain Pattern Assessment

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Emotional Repatterning is a streamlined and effective approach to rapidly rewiring behavioral responses and stopping your negative thought patterns in their tracks. 


We bypass your brain's protective mechanisms to help you extract the critical information that currently interacts with and creates your subconscious operating protocols. We also treat your story like the subjective nonsense that it really is. Every step is taken along the way to ensure sustainable rewiring without getting you pulled into your story or haphazardly opening up Pandora's box. We take a scientific and tactical approach to get you out of your story and into the space of objective observation. From this space, you are able to connect the causal dots of early childhood experiences and current subconscious patterns and learn how to rewire them in a long-lasting and effective way.  



  • Stop the constant cycle of self-sabotage and self-doubt. 

  • Stop drawing yourself to people that feed your emotional pitfalls - in life, love and business. 

  • Revolutionize your parenting style and end family conditioning at your child's generation. 

  • Stop holding yourself back from your potential just so that your brain can feel "safe."

  • Teach yourself how to observe and outsmart your brain's attempt to hit the self-destruct button.

  • Become a master at interrupting your anxiety / anger / frustration / sadness / shame / guilt with logic - to stop it before it starts.


The application of Emotional Repatterning is sustainable. We give you the education, tools and practical application to apply what you learn for the rest of your life - and pass it on to your friends, family and community-at-large.


This package includes 3 powerful foundational videos with accompanying workbook exercises to extract data for our Zoom session. During this session a Behavior Strategist will complete your assessment. Within 48 hours of session completion, you'll receive a PDF report of your complete Brain Pattern Assessment with a detailed understanding of what inputs created the pattern, how it operates beneath the surface and how it creates cyclical chaos in your life. 

By the end of the session, you'll be clear on:

  • Your 8-Part Pattern Hypothesis and what this means about who you are, what decisions you make and what you are likely to do in a variety of scenarios
  • How this pattern came to be, complete with a clear summary of repetitive input / output relationships from early childhood
  • The pathway to success with the Break Method protocol - specific to your life, goals and painpoints.


** All consultation packages are non-refundable

** If you choose to enroll Break Method, you may apply 100% of your consultation fee toward your tuition