Practice Advisor Session - Next Steps

Thank you for connecting on our call today. Our next in-person training dates are 11/15-17. As we discussed on the call, we recommend completing the program for yourself prior to attending the first LIVE session. Take a look at the videos below to take a sneak peak into our breakdown of Source Belief Patterns and other key diagnostic terms. We offer these two sample videos to clients completing a Brain Pattern Assessment. This is our version of an initial consultation to determine their best next steps.

My call booking link is at the bottom of the page if you have follow up questions prior to securing your spot in our upcoming Practitioner Certification. I'll be sending an email to introduce you to the references we discussed as well. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.


 Sample Version of the Brain Pattern Assessment Workbook 👇



Timeline Processing: Carving the Block

Source Belief Pattern Etiologies


Self-Regulation: A Generational Perspective


Escape the Paradigm