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According to the misguided, mental health depends on identifying and eliminating the toxic people, the narcissists, and the baddies from your life. In fact, victim versus perpetrator is the media trend, the therapy, and coaching trend, the buzzword of our world. Social media, newsfeeds, even reputable news outlets, flood the wire with advice on how to identify the people who make your life hard. You must weed them out!

A quick search results in thousands of “what to do if your X (partner, parent, boss) is a toxic person,” “how to survive a toxic relationship,” “boundaries against the narcissist….”

But where are the articles - where is the advice - for the person labeled toxic or narcissist?

The advice is HERE

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What is a victim? A victim is a person who suffered abuse, allowed abuse, tolerated abuse, invited abuse. Or, in this society, a victim can be a person who merely defines another’s behavior as abusive. Victimhood permits excuse, avoids respectful engagement, denies healthy bonding, and strengthens unconscious brain patterns. It's time to take radical personal responsibility and refuse to be a victim. 
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