The Parenting Club
The Parenting Club
The Parenting Club
The Parenting Club

The Parenting Club

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The Parenting Club is here to restore peace & process in your household, do any of these describe you 👇👇

  • You’re exhausted and frequently make reactive decisions that you regret or question 
  • You’re frustrated with managing conflict or lack of alignment with a partner over what to do or how to do it 
  • You are stressed out by your child’s tantrums and you need help staying calm
  • You’re upset that your kids are developing bad health + wellness habits but nothing you’ve tried works 
  • You feel guilty that you snap at your kids and you know they deserve better 
  • You struggle to implement structures and discipline (+ you are seeing the effects of it 😫)

Here's the TRUTH: It doesn’t matter if your kids are 2 or 17, Behavior Strategy rapidly shifts the family dynamic and restores peace. 

Who Is This For

This program is for the parents who are ready to break free of generational patterns & set their children up for a life of emotional Intelligence and success. This approach is for you if you're done "learning" about a million different approaches and you're hungry to apply actionable rewiring strategy. Unlike many therapy or coaching containers where you ask questions and you're met with more questions - we tell you what to do, how much or how little, at what times and with exactly what words and delivery. This Behavior Strategy plan also factors in each family member's brain pattern type to ensure family restoration as quickly as possible. 

What Does The Parenting Club Include

  • a 75 Minute Family Systems Consultation: this is how I understand what is going on at home, how long it's been going on, what personality types and communication styles are the mix and where the current breakdowns are in structure, consistency, systems and communication.
  • Complete Behavior Strategy Plans for up to 3 Children: These are operating manuals for each child, where they are currently in need, what daily tasks, chores or strategies have to be implemented for the child to balance and heal. These are lengthy step-by-step documents that are 100% strategy and implementation NOT high level concepts that mean nothing. We tell you what to do, when and how to do it (exactly).
  • Parenting Plan: Think of this as the How-To Manual on executing and implementing your Behavior Strategy daily, weekly and monthly. This can be managed by one or both parents.
  • Implementation Plan for Quick Fix one-time strategy, 30 Days if in the SPRINT length program or 60 Days if in the MARATHON length program
  • Zoom Check-Ins at 30 Day Mark for SPRINT and Monthly for MARATHON only
  • Access to a Client Support Team as much as you need for accountability & extra help for SPRINT & MARATHON ONLY
  • Dedicated 1:1 Voxer or WhatsApp Channel with your Behavior Strategy Team for SPRINT & MARATHON ONLY
  • The Parenting Club can be taken in increments are, Quick Fix One-Time Strategy, 6 weeks or 16 weeks. For families wanting to maintain continuity and have us on speed-dial, you can pay a monthly fee to be on our DIY-Parenting Club Membership.

Investment Types

You can do a QUICK FIX one time parenting strategy and consultation, SPRINT a 6 week container ,or a MARATHON a 16 week container.  The choice is yours and should be based on the needs of your family, your schedule and your budget. We are partnered with Affirm to offer 0% interest financing for those who qualify.