Break Method & Emotional Repatterning


    • you're ready to stop lighting your money on fire to stay trapped in the process of heal-ING
    • you understand there is a disruptive, yet elegant approach to rewiring your emotions that doesn't require hearing the words "how does that make you feel?" 100x or having your therapist / coach or counselor avoid triggering you to keep you forking over the cash [remember - being triggered is essential to the work]
    • you're ready to jump in & commit to at least showing up [ I can get the motivation + accountability piece covered for you once you show up]
    • you understand that you will get TRIGGERED by and during this process - this is a critical piece of the work. I will also make you laugh & grow your brain bigger than you ever knew imaginable.


  • 4 Units of in-depth coursework broken into the following 10-part lecture series: DISCOVER, CONNECT, REWIRE & SUSTAIN
  • Over 100+ hours of video course content + BONUS content after graduation
  • 3 Cumulative Workbooks to use + house data from each unit of coursework
  • PDF versions of all lecture slides
  • 2 Group Extra Help Sessions to process any work or answer questions with a facilitator
  • 3 Office Hours appointments [one:one]
  • 1 Exit Interview appointment [one:one]
  • 1 Ticket to Break LIVE you choose your date or hold your ticket for future event






Break Method is a way to come back to who you were meant to be. Peel away all the stories you created to protect yourself that play in the back of your mind... then choose to take a new road. The stories are persistent, but Break Method is a light that won’t let you play small in the dark anymore. It’s uncomfortable to see all of the drama our brain can create, but, when you truly know that your brain can work FOR you rather than against you, then ever possibly opens up. Every meaningful relationship can be positively impacted by Break Method because you finally see how much your part can shift everything in a positive way. Thank you Break Method for sharing this process so that, one by one, we will make this world a better place.”

 -Rachel B, Student California USA

“I cannot express the gratitude that I have for this program. I knew I needed to change and gain confidence but I didn’t know how to do this. The Break Method literally broke it down for me to understand the “why” behind my insecurities and habits to get me to the “how” of overcoming it. I now have this sense of peace and confidence that is so powerful I feel like I can do anything. This work is deep, hard, authentic, and transformative to the core. If you are ready to rip it all apart to elevate your life to a place it has never been, then commit to this program.”

 - Terece H, Student Washington USA


 “I can’t say enough amazing things about Break Method, what it has done for me, and what it continues to do for me. I have a lot of trauma in my past so in my early 30’s mental health issues hit me real hard. I got to a point where I didn’t want to keep living my life, in and out of hospitals and day programs & constantly living in fear. I did the weekend intensive course and immediately jumped into the online course because I knew somewhere in there was the answer, the key to changing my life. Break Method has helped me realize that I have been living life with a passive belief system and repeating the same emotional response patterns over and over again. It has challenged me to step outside my comfort zone, do the work, and make some real changes in my life, while also continuing to learn, evolve and grow. Bizzie is the real deal - open, honest, raw and human. She knows how to get the answers she needs to get you to that “ah ha” moment, but also infuses it with a level of humor and levity because it is such deep work, and she truly cares. "

- Brittany K, Student Massachusetts

Break was life changing for me. When I look back at how I used to respond to situations and people, I literally do not even recognize who that person was. For me, Break was like breathing, it made sense and was easy to implement into my life. I am getting a Masters in Counseling and Art therapy so many of the concepts were very familiar to me, they were just explained in a different, more accessible way. I needed Break. It changed my entire life for the better. My relationships are better, in the sense that I actually have relationships NOW…  like real relationships where I listen to others and am listened to, its amazing. My work life is better. Break works as long as you do the work.


- Rachel C, Student Alberta Canada