Students Describe Their Life-changing Experience with Break

"Break Method is a way to come back to who you were meant to be. Peel away all the stories you created to protect yourself that play in the back of your mind... then choose to take a new road. The stories are persistent, but Break Method is a light that won’t let you play small in the dark anymore. It’s uncomfortable to see all of the drama our brain can create, but, when you truly know that your brain can work FOR you rather than against you, then ever possibly opens up. Every meaningful relationship can be positively impacted by Break Method because you finally see how much your part can shift everything in a positive way.

Thank you Break Method for sharing this process so that, one by one, we will make this world a better place." - Rachel B.

When Students Were Asked: "Did You Achieve Your Goals?"

My Life is 100% Different + Still Changing Daily

"I joined break for a few things [ anxiety, debt ] and found out there was so much more to uncover and resolve. Nothing before even remotely worked to keep me on track and feeling like I had worth in the world. I continue to live my life thru Break colored glasses and experience being empowered to continue to change my life and beyond. Once you know...YOU KNOW and you can't go back to a life of chaos. For me it was massive credit card debt, disordered eating, panic and anxiety, rage, blame, "poor me" attitude , and lots of meds. My life is 100% different and continues to change daily. EVERYONE needs Break whether they realize it or not. Period." - Lori V.

How Do You Describe Break Method? What's the Process?

"Break has the components that make spiritual and emotional transformation tangible and productive in day to day life. It has been a missing piece for me in years of working on myself. It is structured, incremental, and there is great support for real change that affects every single aspect of your life for the better. It’s very powerful for partners to do together - a shared language and process of change and growth while also working on themselves individually. I cannot recommend Break enough."

— Sara G.

Millions... No Billions of dollars are being made by people + corporations looking to profit off your lack of self-confidence.

The worst part is our own inability to recognize it because we are seeking external validation. Break has taught me that everything I need is already inside of me, I just needed to lean into the pain, learn from it and rewire my brain going forward. I wish I had Break Method years ago. I've spent too much time, energy and money trying to help myself with other programs or coaches. Thank you Bizzie Gold for showing us how to do it ourselves in a sustainable way and keeping us accountable. Trust me, I wanted to quit many times during the program but my facilitator stayed on me. I wouldn't have finished without her accountability and support. Thank you to the Break team. I feel empowered with this information and ready to conquer life in a whole new way. Watch out world.

- Toni B

What Made You Enroll In The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery?

As you apply these concepts, you gain back power over your life and understand the responsibility you have in your own happiness.

"BREAK really sheds light on all the daily actions you take on auto-pilot [ without even realizing it ]." - Erika B.

The Million Dollar Question: How is Break Method Different From Everything Else?