Relationship Communication 🎁 HOLIDAY SNEAK PEEK

This lecture is part of our 8 week intensive course The RESET. As a gift to you this Holiday Season, I'm sharing this lecture with you for the next 4 weeks. Take the time to watch it, sit with it and feel free to share with people that need it. Keep in mind, there will be certain terminology that won't make sense to you as it's part of coursework you'll be learning in both The RESET and The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery. Examples of terminology that won't make sense but isn't necessary to get some high-level goodness from this hour-long session: ACB pathway, source belief pattern, rejection-type, abandonment-type, symbiotic dysfunction and ELI.

This lecture can change the game for you in all types of communication not just with intimate relationships. As with any work we do in Break Method, radical personal responsibility and raw honesty are required to own your sh*t and get to work rewiring. 


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