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Facilitator: Bizzie

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Recommended Timeline for Office Hours Appointment Scheduling:

[ please note: if you schedule an appt before completing the homework to have ready for your call, you will need to use a future call to process that homework ]

Call 1: After completing the first lecture in Unit 2 [ Source Belief Timeline Process. ]

Homework to have ready for your call: Workbook 2 Pages 3-4


Call 2: After the first lecture in Unit 3 [ Relationship Pattern Interruption Techniques ]

Homework to have ready for your call: Pick one person from your top 5 Friends + Family that you are having the most conflicts with. You will be going over Red + Green Cones with that person. 


Call 3: After Unit 3 Ribbon Cutting Dates lecture.

Homework to have ready for your call: Workbook 3 pages 13-14 + 5 ELI Questions to poke holes in your Assumption, Workbook 3 Page 19 [ 3 Goals ], Workbook 3 Pages 28-29 [ Ribbon Cutting / Incremental Goal Setting ]



[ 3 one-on-one appointments with your facilitator are included in the course tuition ]

Office Hours Appointment **If there are no appt times available, please email Bizzie to set up an appt via email.***

If you need to schedule additional calls you will need to use the separate scheduling link below. We do track appointments and if you schedule more than 3 calls with the first link you will receive an email invoice that will be due upon receipt. 




[ If you need additional calls after your first three, you can purchase and schedule with the link below ]

Additional Office Hours Appointment







             844-992-7325 ext 802