Bizzie Facilitator Scheduling Page-One on One Appts

Schedule Your One-On-One Sessions

Use the links below to schedule your One-On-One sessions with a Break Facilitator. As mentioned in the syllabus, these sessions are only meant to be scheduled after specific points within the course. We suggest that you schedule these sessions well in-advance to best fit your schedule + to hold you accountable to getting the course done by a certain time. Make sure you have all the necessary workbook pages + exercises completed before each session. 

1. To book Session #1 Intro: (after watching Lecture 2 'Emotional Homeostasis, Source Belief Timeline + Pattern Hypotheses): CLICK HERE.

2. To book Session #2 (after Lecture 4 'Intro to Emotional Repatterning'): CLICK HERE.

 To book Session #3 (after pages 2-3 of Workbook 3 are complete): CLICK HERE.


To book your Exit Interview CLICK HERE