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Based on your feedback and your intake, I'd like to focus on these areas:

  1. Verifying your Source Belief Pattern and understanding how this impacts your mechanisms of self-sabotage, relationship communication and approach to goals. [ Discovering Source Belief Patterns. 
  2. Verifying your Emotional Addiction Cycle and the red cones you serve yourself to get activated and feed the cycle. In tandem with this section of work, I'd like to make sure we will confident about your ACB pathways as well. [ relevant lectures: Refining Emotional Addiction Cycles, Relationship Pattern Interruption Techniques ] 
  3. Complete your Personality Triangle and see how that fits into the bigger picture of your Brain Constellation. [ relevant lectures: Personality + How It All Goes Wrong, The Misconception of Ego, Brain Constellations ] 
  4. Get your prepped and ready for your Exit Interview. I will include the videos that the whole group had to reference the documents. I will be editing your document and paring it down to only what we are working on together to streamline the process. For this reason, if you'd feel more comfortable with a video filmed specifically about your packet, I'm happy to make one. Just let me know.

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I think this will take us 3 sessions to review and refine. Then we can schedule your Exit Interview. Please use the scheduling link above for all sessions.


Workbook 2

Workbook 3



** If there are videos here that you feel you've already completed and finished the work, feel free to keep moving. These are the videos I need you to feel proficient with for us to have a productive Exit Interview.


Introduction to Emotional Repatterning


Homework: @ the end of the lecture homework is assigned. You can skip this work. I've only included this lecture as the foundation for ELI which is quite important to our Exit Packet.

PDF packet: Click HERE


Source Belief Timeline Process


Homework: you can send me yours from before as long as you completed it. No need to redo. Video is here for reference in what we are covering. If you are doing again it is pages 3 and 4 of Workbook 2.

PDF Slides: click HERE


Discovering Source Beliefs

Homework: Make sure you use this info to help you refine your Source Belief selection. This information helps me have discussion with you to verify your SB hypothesis.

PDF Slides: click HERE


Anxiety, OCD + Intrusive Thoughts *** let’s discuss if you feel this will be triggering or helpful


Homework: if you choose to watch this one, simply take note of your own intrusive thought cycles for us to bring into the discussion on our sessions. No need to complete an official assignment.

PDF Slides: click HERE

Refining Emotional Addiction Cycles

Homework: use the lecture content to adjust or refine any previous work on emotional addiction cycles. Complete pages 7-9 of Workbook 2.

PDF Slides: click HERE


Relationship Pattern Interruption Techniques

Homework: Intention of this lecture is to help you visualize where each technique fits in the disruption process. Ideally, focus in on the green cone reactions from others and the slide about how we deal with people who refuse to shift their behavior as well. Please complete page 17 of workbook 3 to review with me.

PDF Slides: click HERE


Personality Loom Video on how to complete inputs for the triangle

Instructions: Use this video for directions on how to send me your personality triangle inputs so I can create your Personality Triangle. Uses pages 15-19 of Workbook 2.

PDF Slides: no slides


Personality + How It All Goes Wrong


Homework: take note of all your red cone behavior. You can circle these on pages 20-24 of Workbook 2. You can also use the pages 24-29 to help design some green cone swaps that we can review.

PDF Slides: click HERE


Compassion Fatigue


Homework: simply take note of where you might be dealing with compassion fatigue as a driver of self-sabotage or hitting the F*CK it section of your emotional addiction cycle.

PDF Slides: click HERE


Obstacle or Opportunity


Homework: Take note of how you create the confidence cycle correctly.  Be sure to notice how your source belief pattern plays into this approach. Create your 3 big goals. Place these 3 goals on page 29 of Workbook 3.

PDF Slides: click HERE


Brain Constellations

 Homework: We are skipping all Chakra Diagnostics so ignore the blue arrows at the bottom of the diagram presented. Everything else we will have mapped so simply listen to the lecture with an understanding of how each stop builds into the next. By then end of this lecture, you should now see that we don't go from Source Belief to Source Belief. We use emotional response as the catalyst or momentum.

PDF Slides: click HERE


The Misconception of Ego


Homework: This lecture doesn't have homework. It teaches you how to use the Personality Triangle provided to you by your facilitator. Once I have the inputs from your Personality Lectures, I'll put together a doc for you that you can read alongside this lecture. By the time you watch this, you should already have it.

PDF Slides: click HERE 


Ribbon Cutting Dates 


Homework: This lecture teaches you how to create a Ribbon Cutting Date or incremental goal. The workbook page that corresponds are pages 28-29 of workbook 3.

PDF Slides: click HERE


Exit Packet Walk-Through

** we are altering your packet. I will record a video walk through of only the pages on your Exit Packet and post as we near the end of our work together

**I will post your edited Exit Packet after we complete our 4th call together.**