New you. Same S***. How to Make LASTING Life Change.

New you. Same S***. How to Make LASTING Life Change.

What's worse than the sinking realization of making the same mistake...again?

Feeling powerless, like life got out of your hands, yet again.

The pattern you swore you'ld change; the lesson you seriously learned last time.

Let the bad vibes begin. Bonus points if you proceed to spiral into guilt or shame in response to said f*** up (JK). 

What if I told you that your plan WAS to feel like shit?

No, not YOUR plan - not the same YOU that chose your outfit today.

You're not consciously out to get yourself. Its that other part of you that's screwing you. 

The part you'd rather not acknowledge, but that's consistently working against your best interests (thanks).

If life has started to feel a lot like YOU VS's no wonder you're feeling anxious.

You're NOT crazy.
You're human.

Welcome to the Emotional Addiction Cycle

Picture this: It's the start of a beautiful season. You're living your best life, doing what you do: try and make good decisions and stay on track.

Yet, just as you seem to make progress, it becomes clear something is at play. It's as if you're compelled to f*** up again. Sure enough, you soon find yourself at the other pole. 



A vacillation between moving forward and hitting self-destruct is quietly running it's MO in the background of your life. 

So you grasp down, you try more discipline, clearer intentions, stronger will- you try to stop or change behavior as you gravitate away from your best interests. Unfortunately, if you're doing this, you're expending a lot of energy to temporarily address a problem at its symptoms - instead of sustainably, at its roots.

Emotional addiction cannot be resolved simply by changes in behavior (you've tried that).

Permanent solutions must repair the underlying belief structure that creates them.

Left untouched, your subconscious programming will continually lead you to one destination, and it looks alot like where you've already been. 

Your Brain on Childhood

Between the ages 8-15 we are more open to programming at a neurological level. All of us experience neurological imprinting during our childhood.

As children, we're constantly forming truths, beliefs and our emotional addictions based on our perceptions, with emotional and recurring experiences leaving the greatest impact.

Even after  we physically grow up, this childhood imprinting continues to run our decision making - until we consciously address it.

It's not your fault - but now that you're #adulting, it's your job to actually DO something about it. 

What's Your Flavor? (Of Emotional Addiction)

You have your own unique pattern of hardwiring (lucky you). Its only goal is to keep you feeling a limiting way that you felt in the past. 

Your brain goes to alot of trouble to make it happen for you. That's why we call it emotional addiction.

Your basic programming has tricked your brain into believing it needs to maintain this emotional homeostasis- to consistently return to feeling this way to survive and avoid pain.

But it's wrong.

 Rewire your emotional addictions - at their ROOTS in my 16-week, BREAK Online program. Registration for our FALL semester is now OPEN.

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By the end of the session, you'll be clear on:

  • Your 8-Part Pattern Hypothesis and what this means about who you are, what decisions you make and what you are likely to do in a variety of scenarios
  • How this pattern came to be, complete with a clear summary of repetitive input / output relationships from early childhood
  • The pathway to success with the Break Method protocol - specific to your life, goals and painpoints.