Transparency, vulnerability and Owning your Truth

Transparency, vulnerability and Owning your Truth

Our guest today, Bizzie Gold, is transparent to no end. It was fascinating to hear her bare her truth on the podcast — she really gets to the heart of it. Rawness, vulnerability — it’s all here in today’s episode. Bizzie Gold’s business, Buti Yoga, has been running for just over five years, has 4,000 certified instructors, is being taught in 25 countries, and has the largest yoga teacher training program in the country. Join us today as she takes us through her journey of self-discovery, starting her own business — Buti Yoga — and how transparency has helped her live her best life.

Topics Discussed:

[:28] Introducing our topic for today: the importance of sharing everything to become closer.

[1:28] Reflecting on where we first started practicing telling the full truth and sharing everything.

[5:15] How revealing your truth can rebuild the trust and bring you closer together in your relationship.

[12:47] Our guest today, Bizzie Gold, full-time mom and owner of Buti Yoga.

[14:49] What the Buti Yoga workout entails.

[15:48] The start of Buti Yoga — how an incredible home birth experience and life-changing medicinal ceremony changed her yoga practice for the better.

[24:20] Still pro-home-birthing after her experience, and the key role transparency can play.

[30:19] All about Bizzie’s courageous seven-year-old daughter.

[31:53] The unique experience of Buti Yoga — the ‘why’ and connecting with your purpose.

[37:03] ‘It’s all in the feeling’; how Sophie’s legal blindness and yoga go hand-in-hand.

[39:33] About Buti Yoga and their amazingly unique yoga teacher training program.

[41:35] Bizzie’s experience as an owner of an extremely successful business — facing the pressure of being a leader and defusing fangirling.

[43:32] The importance of being vulnerable in both our careers and relationships.

[48:36] The Buti Revolution — what’s next for Bizzie.

[50:57] The grass is always greener on the other side — through relationship separation and back.

[55:26] Our favorite moments in parenting.

[58:07] The best advice Bizzie has ever received.

[59:58] What has been Bizzie’s proudest moment?

[1:00:43] One of Bizzie’s most difficult moments in life.

[1:02:46] What IGNTD Bizzie?

[1:03:46] What Bizzie’s self-care ritual looks like.


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