Are You Truly Free?

Are You Truly Free?


Let’s dig into the concept of freedom. Most people idealize the word in the their mind’s eye and immediately picture running in the wilderness or playing on a white sandy beach with no commitment. This is one of the primary traps created by society today. Freedom is not a destination that you have to travel to with an empty schedule and it’s also not a white sandy beach and a tan. Freedom is a state of mind in which you have the power to act, speak or think as you wish without hindrance or restraint. It is also the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. If your thoughts and perceptions of the world around you are hijacked by the unresolved childhood version of YOURSELF - are you truly free?  When you find yourself repeating chaotic relationships and goal setting cycles, do you feel free? When you just want to get asked out on that date and you sabotage it with your body language or communication, do you feel free? When you want to get hired for your dream job and you show up 20 minutes late to the interview, do you feel free? When you want to pay off important bills and you mindlessly spend money on sh*t you don’t need, do you feel free? 



It’s tempting to approach this process with a figurative “hit list” of who is to blame for all of your life’s problems. We look to loved ones, authority figures and those who we admire the most. Your brain gives you a seemingly reasonable list as to why these people are responsible for your chaotic human experience. What you’ll quickly find in this coursework is that is that YOU are your biggest problem. You will learn to take radical personal responsibility at every turn of this work and gain a deep understanding of your role in each interaction.

It’s not the a-hole significant other that never follows through or the mother-in-law that criticizes every aspect of your life or even your nightmare of a boss that always makes you feel like a failure. It is YOU and how your brain is labeling and interacting with each of these people. This isn’t the moment where I break into some pseudo-spiritual BS about how you manifested this and it’s all your fault karmically. NO. Quite the opposite. This is not at all about blame - it’s about responsibility. You don’t deserve this but by subconsciously allowing yourself to be a passenger in the car of your life instead of the driver - you created this

It doesn’t mean that I’m justifying anyone else’s sh*tty behavior or that you’re going to have to either. It just means that you’re going to learn WHY your brain seeks out sh*tty behavior and why it hits you like a ton of bricks when it was likely that way from the very beginning. 


We need to get you back in the driver’s seat of your life, navigating with a roadmap created from your new mental state of freedom. 


Emotional Repatterning is hard work + it’s going to shake things up in all the right ways. The process can be done in either 8 week or 16 increments. Our 8 week course is a slower-paced introduction to our complete 16 week protocol. *Remember* - we aren’t magicians + we can’t bend time and space [ yet ]. For that reason, don’t expect the results of our 16 week complete protocol in the 8 week introductory course.





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