5 Ways to Help Your Toddler Regulate Behavior

5 Ways to Help Your Toddler Regulate Behavior

Toddlers are notoriously wild (& often seem like a drunk college friend) 😬

Despite how erratic and over emotional their behavior can seem, supporting toddlers with behavior strategy can help a young child pattern their brain for long term emotional resilience, secure attachment and strong executive function skills. That also means it’s a time where NOT putting in this intentional rewiring work will predispose your child to these brain pattern developments. They function like a rut in a road. If you don’t help a child oppose their patterns, the rut gets deeper and more difficult to get out of. 

The short 👉🏾 if there was an ever a time to pour into your children with behavior strategy, it’s between 3-5. ❤️ Here are 5 steps to take to help children oppose their emerging patterns:

  1. Observe your child’s natural preferences and cultivate opportunities for them to do things opposite of how they like to do it. I like to follow a 70/30 rule with my clients. Let them do it their way 70% and offer new opportunities 30%. Observe as they naturally and incrementally rewire. They will likely start to adopt new and different approaches once you start the pattern opposition.
  2. Be sure to focus on certain fundamental structures that are a part of every day life. These should be non-negotiable routines like bedtime, reading books before bed, nap time, play time etc. These structures help their brains understand the timing of behavior modulation. Without these set structures, kids can start having outbursts from being dysregulated. 
  3. Support their behavior with food choices. Many kids who appear to struggle regulating their emotions also tend to crave foods that are not helping the situation. Their tiny addict brains will sadly crave the very foods that prompt them to act out. If you can cut the processed, sugary foods and stick to protein and fresh fruits and veggies, the behavior strategy will take root faster.
  4. Support their gut. Over 90% of happiness hormone serotonin comes from the gut. Due to environmental and genetic factors, many of our children struggle with gut issues from birth. Supporting their gut micro biome has a strong correlation to positive mood and behavior regulation. 
  5. Don’t be so quick to say “that’s normal.” Many things that have become normal with toddlers isn’t actually a barrier. Toddlers are far more capable than we give them credit for. We have to remember that their expressive language doesn’t match their intellectual processing. In simpler terms, they can’t say what they experience to the level they experience it.


We use tools like @breakmethod to help nurture toddlers to oppose their patterns and build resilience and emotional maturity. These tools can be easily applied to family life with BIG results. Pair this with some nutritional changes and supplementation and even the most erratic toddler can turn it all around. 


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