Restoring Generations - Parent / Child Program
Restoring Generations - Parent / Child Program
Restoring Generations - Parent / Child Program
Restoring Generations - Parent / Child Program
Restoring Generations - Parent / Child Program

Restoring Generations - Parent / Child Program

Regular price $3,500.00

Join us for a 16 week Emotional Repatterning program dedicated to rewiring systems of generational trauma, repairing unstable or chaotic parent / child relationships and empowering you to become the generational pattern BREAK-er.

This groundbreaking program uses Break Method and Emotional Repatterning protocols to:

  1. Identify the individual, family unit and generational pattern 
  2. Extract specific and meaningful data through Break Method techniques, bypassing the brain's protective reflexes and attempts to deceive or avoid
  3. Assimilate data and match with pattern architecture to develop 8-part hypothesis to test and prove throughout the immersion course
  4. Test the pattern hypothesis extensively to create the blueprint for rewiring
  5. Create, refine and plan rewiring strategy
  6. TIME TO SPRINT - begin your 30 day rewiring period to BREAK the generational pattern for good

This course includes:

  • Full online course portal ( lectures, downloadable content, support )

  • 3 one on one Zoom calls - for 2 adult parents or primary care givers 

  • 2 small group sessions

  • 1 Parent exit interview

  • 1 Parent / Child exit interview

Tuition Fees - Include 2 Parents & 1 Child

 Pay In Full $3950  Pay Monthly $980


Extra Child Add-On $599



Does my child have to take the course with me? 

No. If you are a Clearview parent, your child will be attending classes on campus. If you want to enroll more than one child, the CHILD ADD ON fee is $599 and will be billed after enrollment. The child must be age 12 or older and we encourage the parent and child to collaborate on viewing lecture content and homework as much as possible. The child will also be paired with a 1:1 facilitator and have access to each of the 1:1 appointments separate from the parent. The techniques taught in the course content will work to repair the relationship with the child even if the child is too young, unwilling or aged out of the home and living their adult life. It's never too late to repair your generational line.

How many hours per week will I need to set aside for course work?

Lectures typically last anywhere from 60-90 minutes. Be prepared to complete and additional 6-8 hours per week on workbook exercises and other at-home Break Method tools.

How is this different from other modalities I may have tried?

Break Method is a structured process that prevents you from blocking your own attempt at healing. Our protocol outsmarts your brain's best defenses ( self-deception, incoherent or narrative-driven timeline or avoidance), all ultimately contribute to the very pain and chaos you're here to STOP. This technique teaches you to extract the pattern driving your behavior and emotional responses on autopilot. We do this in an intentional sequence that establishes an 8-part brain pattern we create individualized strategy to rewire. 

What if I don't have any childhood memories?

Break Method bypasses the protective reflexes that current deceive you into the belief that you don't remember anything. We use 3 specific tools that help you map the input / output relationship of childhood events in a way that gets even the most "blocked" client through to the other side with success. 

What if I'm not very tech savvy?

We have a support team on board to help you. With your course enrollment you get access to our administrator for tech support and questions and a guidance counselor to help you break through self-sabotage and scheduling roadblocks.

What if I don't finish the first time around?

You will be able to retake the following semester for a fee of $199 if you don't finish. You are given a 6 week grace period at the end of the course to schedule and complete your Exit Interviews. 

Who is covered by the Course Fee?

The course fee covers 2 primary care adults ( mom, dad, foster parent, grandparent, etc ) and 1 child. Each additional child enrolled with 1:1 appointments is $599 billed after enrollment.