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You’re not here to talk

about your problem - you’re

about your problem -

here to solve it.

you’re here to solve it.

Are you stuck in an endless cycle of self-sabotage, self-doubt, and chaotic relationships? Sick of knowing that you’re doing something wrong but not knowing how to stop it? You give us 16 weeks and we’ll change your life - for the REST of your life.

Show Me How

It’s time to go from 


Break bad habits, stop self-sabotage + chaotic relationship cycles with this industry disruptive approach that gets you back in the driver’s seat of your own life.



because you want to




There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to stop a fight - but not knowing how or being completely aware that you’re in a downward spiral - but not knowing how to pull out of it. Break Method rapidly moves you from awareness of the problem to solving it so it doesn’t ruin the rest of your life.

This INDUSTRY DISRUPTIVE APPROACH rewires every aspect of your emotional response system so that you stop blowing up, shutting down or ruining opportunities to succeed. 

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is The School of 

 Sustainable Self-Mastery?

A 16 week online immersion program that pulls back the curtain on what drives your behavior and decision-making, rewrites generations of repetitive behavior and breaks your bad habits FOR GOOD. This is how we do it:

Over 200 hours of compelling and interactive video learning

Six small group sessions

Four one-on-one sessions

Powerful workbooks for each unit of the course [ you’ll come to guard these with your life ]

A series of at-home tools that stay in your toolbox forever

Access to a private Facebook group for support and accountability

We want this to be the


time you ever spend a dime on your emotional healing.

Here are some success stories from the other side 👇

If you’re

not enjoying

your life - you’re doing it wrong.

OVER 3000+ GRADUATES changed their lives from relationships to career, addiction, depression and everything in between. You can too with The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery.

The healing starts Day One. Students from all backgrounds and age ranges start peeling back the layers with a-ha [ & oh sh*t moments ] instantly. One thing you’ll always hear from graduates is BREAK WORKS.

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The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery


a fast-acting, practical approach to emotional rewiring

a science-based protocol that uses structured self-inquiry

a sustainable approach that does not cultivate financial or emotional codependency

a lifelong toolkit that you can pass onto your family + friends

a course that teaches you to discover who you are, why you operate the way you do + how to transform chaos and dysfunction ASAP

The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery


an endless session of feelings + narrative infused questions

a trauma-bonding group or way to cosign your story

impractical, intangible or woo-woo

a cycle of financial codependency that keeps you trapped in "but wait... there's more"

easy, filled with hand-holding or sugar coated in any way

Getting a little too personal? Sounds like you’re in the right place.

Raise your hand if this sounds like you. ✋

You’ve burned a hole in your pocket trying to stop your behavior... [ but you KEEP DOING IT ANYWAY] 😮

You’ve cycled through so many therapists you’re officially sick of your own story 🔴

You’ve become an expert at your terrible taste in intimate partners but... they still pull you in EVERY DAMN TIME 😂

You’re here because you’re 

sick of your own BS

and willing to do what it takes to get to the other side, right? Good.

This experience will trigger you. It will piss you off and it will challenge you in every meaningful way you can think of.

It’s going to push you in ways your brain can’t yet comprehend. And the best part is -

you’re actually going to enjoy it.

Collect Data

Collect data to stop the cycle you have to pinpoint the REAL source of the pattern. This is often NOT what you think.🔑 And this won’t require endless loops of “how do you feel.” Break cuts through the noise and hits the target 🎯.

01 Collect Data

Map the Pattern

Map the Pattern - explore cause and effect relationships to determine our pattern hypothesis. This involves some hard-hitting detective work that will have you excited and engaged in your own healing process. You’ll be one part detective, one part secret agent and one part special ops.

02 Map the Pattern

Learn Pattern Diagnostics

Learn Pattern Diagnostics - Everyone thinks they are special and unique right up until they find out - they aren’t. Students learn how to predict their own and others behavioral patterns. The accuracy might even SCARE you. 😬

03 Learn Pattern Diagnostics

Test the Hypothesis

Test the Hypothesis - We don’t shoot in the dark and we don’t throw labels at you. In fact, every step of our process goes through rigorous testing in all areas of your life before we use it to create strategy.

04 Test the Hypothesis

Create Rewire Protocol

Create Rewire Protocol - A fool-proof-streamlined-badass strategy is created to outsmart every excuse, justification, rationalization and protective reflex standing between you and your mental freedom. This strategy is a step-by-step process that you will execute for a 30 day rewiring period

05 Create Rewire Protocol

Off to the Race

Off to the Race - This is where you put it all into action. Where you embark on a 30 day emotional sprint that will change your life FOREVER. With the support and tough love guidance of your facilitator you will rewire your entire 5-part brain constellation - for good.

06 Off to the Race

The Other Side

The Other Side - Graduates always talk about life on the other side with such a massive smile on their face. When they try to explain it, they often laugh and say it’s hard to put something so profound into words. Everything is different on the other side of Break Method - your perspective of the world around you, your relationship with self, your commitment and follow through, your relationship communication, sex life, eating behaviors and so much more. You won’t leave the same person you arrived and ⚡ ️plot twist ⚡ ️you’ll leave more YOU than ever.

07 The Other Side




Changed it all with one commitment. One leap of faith. One YES

The only thing you have to lose is being stuck like this forever

Book Free Discovery Call




Changed it all with one commitment. One leap of faith. One YES

The only thing you have to lose is being stuck like this forever

Book Free Discovery Call

Your brain is a DIRTY, FITHLY LIAR. 🤯 



is how you get your life back.

Our emotional repatterning protocol bypasses your brain’s protective reflexes that subconsciously block your breakthrough with self-deception, your inability to tell the truth - even if you


want to, and looking to the wrong relationships and memories to try and heal. What does that mean for you in Break Method? 👉🏽 Accurate pattern diagnostics that get to the root. Efficient process [ no wasted tears and prolonged suffering ]. Sustainable transformation that you take with you for the rest of your life.

Over 90% of all graduates who listed their starting symptoms as terrible or debilitating reported all of their symptoms were gone at graduation.

In fact, while students don’t need to come back for more support - they DO come back TO SUPPORT others in the journey. It’s extremely common that graduates stick around and volunteer as interns and support staff because they believe in the mission

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Healing Requires More Than

Empty Tissue Boxes

It Requires Radical Personal Responsibility Too

Hear these graduates share their stories about the unique and effective teaching style of Break Method
Founder Bizzie Gold

I’m Ready to Rewire

What makes The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery


from other healing methods?

EMDR works to rewire specific traumatic events or phobias. We rewire the entire brain pattern that runs your life on autopilot and creates chaos and tension in your everyday life.

What is 



The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery?

This immersive, four month long course utilizes a multi-phase, multi-method approach to getting you to where you want to be.

1:1 Sessions

Get Instant Feedback

Your course enrollment includes a series of intentionally sequenced one-one-one appointments. During these sessions you map brain patterns, create rewiring strategies, and build a bond anchored in sovereignty and accountability. This isn’t a talk-about-feelings relationship. It’s a relationship dedicated to constructive feedback and sustainable strategy.

Video Content

200+ Hours 

The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery is taught like a college course. There is a significant amount of lecture content utilized to teach concepts in a meaningful and practical way. This is how we ensure you take these skills with you for the rest of your life. The lectures are a combination of pre-recorded + live lectures that are deeply engaging, visually appealing, and laced with humor. 

Small Group 

Get Instant Feedback

Course enrollment includes 6 small group sessions. Each session is dedicated to processing one aspect of the coursework for the individual. These sessions often allow you to have breakthrough moments even when the spotlight is not on you. Students will see aspects of themselves they are missing or information their brain is hiding through being present for others.


We Won't Let You Fail

This won’t be another course you sign-up for and never finish. We measure our course success based on two metrics: our graduation rates and how students rate symptoms after graduation. We are invested in getting you to show up for yourself and not cheat yourself on the life changing results that are standing right in front of you.


The Break Blueprint

You’ll receive an in-depth workbook for each unit of the course. Filled with engaging exercises that provide deep application of the concepts you learn, this workbook will become a coveted piece of self-discovery. Don’t be surprised if you become highly territorial of your workbooks. These books will be utilized in a cumulative exit interview process at the end of the semester to create your final rewiring strategy.


Sustainable + Practical

We use a series of at-home tools to complement your work with Break Method. Directed Meditation, Directed Writing, and Life Audits are just a few that drastically augment your learning experience. The goal is a quiet, on-task brain and these tools help you get there as quickly as possible. And the best part? These tools stay in your toolkit for the rest of your life.

If you’re

sick of repeating

the same chaotic cycles without knowing a way to stop for good -

Listen Up!

These graduates share their stories of success 💪

The School of Sustainable Self Mastery

16 Week Intensive Program


The Emotional Repatterning Immersion is a 16-week program that teaches students to rewire patterns of emotional addiction through structured self-inquiry broken into 4 units: DISCOVER, CONNECT, REWIRE and SUSTAIN.

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How do you know Break works? When the entire family, spouse, co-workers and friends


In every new semester, we get to work with the spouse or parent that first believed Break was a scam. When they saw how much their loved one changed - saying YES became easy. In many semesters, we’ve had nearly 10 different family members concurrently enrolled.

Often that includes the biggest naysayer showing up with a snarky remark

“If you can fix their sh*tty behavior, I’m sold.”

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