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Hit The Reset Button

Hit the Reset Button

about your problem -

On Your Brain

you’re here to solve it.

Rewire Your Emotional Response System in 8 Weeks

An interactive journey designed that sets the foundation for rapidly rewiring your emotional response system, shifting communication patterns + resetting your ability to generate confidence and set goals.

Start Your Journey

Your brain is


to creating chaos.

In this course, we'll get you on the right path. Curious for more information on The Reset? We’ll give you a breakdown of what goes into getting started. Just let us know where to send it 👇

Become Your Own "



Most people who come to Break have tried countless solutions to help fix their issues with nothing seeming to work. But after going through Break, those same people typically end up (permanently) healing.

We start from the ground up to assess the foundational subconscious patterns that drive your life on autopilot. And then we teach YOU on how to fix those patterns on your own. No more relying on third parties to fix your mental breakdowns.

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Never Too Late

for Change

It Requires Radical Personal Responsibility Too

Every second of coursework in this program is designed to help you get out of your own way and begin the Emotional Repatterning process. Here is a look at everything you’ll learn how to do in the Reset:

EMDR works to rewire specific traumatic events or phobias. We rewire the entire brain pattern that runs your life on autopilot and creates chaos and tension in your everyday life.

“My Life Is Becoming Something

I Actually Like”

That’s just one of many powerful statements from our graduates about the

metamorphic results 

they’ve driven with Break Method.

Watch the video below to hear more graduates share their experience and what you can expect when you enroll 👇

So what comes


The Reset?

Relentless Focus on Making Your Change Sustainable & Long-Lasting

After you complete the program, we'll set a plan with you to make sure that the changes you make will stick so you won't snap back right to your old, destructive ways.

You'll have the choice of one of two options to take to ensure your transformations are sustainable:

 Option #1:  You can apply the amount you paid for this course towards the next Semester of our 16-Week School of Sustainable Self Mastery, where you'll solidify the rewiring process in rapid time. We believe that this will be the last self-help course you will ever take because the changes stay with you for good.

 Option #2:  You can complete a RESET exit interview with a Break Facilitator who will review all of your coursework, set a concrete plan for you to complete the rewiring process on your own, and ensure you're equipped with all the right tools to mentally handle any situation life throws at you.

Hit The Reset Button

You’re here because you’re 

sick of your own BS

and willing to do what it takes to get to the other side, right? Good.

This experience will trigger you. It will piss you off and it will challenge you in every meaningful way you can think of.

It’s going to push you in ways your brain can’t yet comprehend. And the best part is -

you’re actually going to enjoy it.

Collect Data

Collect data to stop the cycle you have to pinpoint the REAL source of the pattern. This is often NOT what you think.🔑 And this won’t require endless loops of “how do you feel.” Break cuts through the noise and hits the target 🎯.

01 Collect Data

Map the Pattern

Map the Pattern - explore cause and effect relationships to determine our pattern hypothesis. This involves some hard-hitting detective work that will have you excited and engaged in your own healing process. You’ll be one part detective, one part secret agent and one part special ops.

02 Map the Pattern

Learn Pattern Diagnostics

Learn Pattern Diagnostics - Everyone thinks they are special and unique right up until they find out - they aren’t. Students learn how to predict their own and others behavioral patterns. The accuracy might even SCARE you. 😬

03 Learn Pattern Diagnostics

Test the Hypothesis

Test the Hypothesis - We don’t shoot in the dark and we don’t throw labels at you. In fact, every step of our process goes through rigorous testing in all areas of your life before we use it to create strategy.

04 Test the Hypothesis

Create Rewire Protocol

Create Rewire Protocol - A fool-proof-streamlined-badass strategy is created to outsmart every excuse, justification, rationalization and protective reflex standing between you and your mental freedom. This strategy is a step-by-step process that you will execute for a 30 day rewiring period

05 Create Rewire Protocol

Off to the Race

Off to the Race - This is where you put it all into action. Where you embark on a 30 day emotional sprint that will change your life FOREVER. With the support and tough love guidance of your facilitator you will rewire your entire 5-part brain constellation - for good.

06 Off to the Race

The Other Side

The Other Side - Graduates always talk about life on the other side with such a massive smile on their face. When they try to explain it, they often laugh and say it’s hard to put something so profound into words. Everything is different on the other side of Break Method - your perspective of the world around you, your relationship with self, your commitment and follow through, your relationship communication, sex life, eating behaviors and so much more. You won’t leave the same person you arrived and ⚡ ️plot twist ⚡ ️you’ll leave more YOU than ever.

07 The Other Side




Have changed their stories with a leap of faith.

Talk to an advisor today about how to change yours.

Advisory Call




Have changed their stories with a leap of faith.

Talk to an advisor today about how to change yours.

Book Advisory Call

What is


in The Reset?

Video Content

10+ Hours

Live lectures that are deeply engaging, visually appealing, and laced with humor. Topics covered include: verifying your source belief patterns, rewiring your emotional response system, trigger mapping, improving relationship communication and much more. You can access these lectures on any device and go back to review them as many times as you need.

Live Q&As

Led by Break Facilitator

You’ll have an opportunity to connect face-to-face with both your Break Facilitator and other students, where you can meet others who have shared your struggles and get all your questions answered. 


Direct Application

You'll receive an in-depth workbook that corresponds with each lecture in the course. Filled with engaging exercises that provide deep application of the concepts you learn, this workbook will become a coveted piece of self-discovery. Don't be surprised if you become highly territorial of your workbook.


We Won't Let You Fail

This won't be another course you sign-up for and never finish. We offer built-in accountability at every turn and a facilitator personally invested in your success. Don't be surprised to get a phone call if you don't follow through!

Exit Plan


If you choose to continue into The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery for the upcoming Semester, you can apply your full tuition for The RESET toward your course fees as a down payment. If not, you can go through an Exit Interview process for a small additional fee.

Facebook Group Access

Private, Student-Only

Once you join as a student of Break Method, you’ll gain access to the private, student-only group where you can meet other students to share thoughts, questions, answers, encouragement, and more.

Don't just take our word for it though -
See what some of our thousands of graduates have to say

The Reset

8-Week Foundational Program

$799.00 $319.00

This course format offers a foundational course load that helps you prepare for your work with the 16 week immersion course. Upon completion of The RESET, you can decide if you wish to use the amount you paid for the course towards the next semester of The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery as a deposit or complete an Exit Interview for The RESET to map out your path forward.

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